We are small but young and full of innovative ideas capable of bringing value and opportunities. Our primary goal is to help companies to grow and develop with an approach that places people at the center

We are the first specialist recruiting company in the construction industry.

We want to help all companies in the construction, plant engineering, geotechnical, infrastructure and engineering sectors to create value and opportunities, through our services, with an approach that values ​​people.

Our team is made up of professionals who have grown up in the sector, capable of understanding the real needs of companies, supporting them in choosing the right professionalism for a specific type of work.

The founder of geoJOB is Vittorio Massimo Borgo, a professional in the building and construction world with more than 40 years of experience in human resource management and production management.

GeoJOB takes advantage of the geolocation of candidates by offering companies the opportunity to find highly qualified workers and professionals available in the construction site’s  immediate vicinity

Vittorio Massimo Borgo

Partner – CEO

Gianmarco Pinto

Partner – Selection Process & Evaluation

Giancarlo Spanu


Cristina Castellotti

Amministrazione e Contabilità

Fabio Giglio

HR – Recruiter Specialist Junior