geoJOB is the first employment agency focused on the construction, plant engineering, geotechnical, infrastructure and engineering sectors

We offer advanced services in human resources, aimed at improving the entire building and construction sector with particular attention to the growth of our customers’ business.

We are partners of those companies that want to continue to grow and need specialized figures for their construction sites. We do our best to find your talents quickly, using an innovative artificial intelligence system designed by us that automates the first stages of the selection process. Our verticality in the world of building and construction allows us to already have a large database of operators and professionals in the sector and to choose staff by managing to keep track of feedback. All these tools allow us to present the client a short list of candidates starting 2 days after the opening of the job offer.



We are looking for highly specialized personnel thanks to a database with over 25,000 profiled professionals and our ability to speak the sector language


We follow companies through the delicate and important process of people’s growth. In a sector where professionalism is increasingly sought after

Mentoring and coaching

We support company management and management in development and growth paths

Strategic consulting

We provide our management’s experience in the industry, solutions that help our partners achieve success

Our specializations

Construction industry

The construction world is immense and summarizing it in a few lines is really complicated. Knowing exactly the sector and specializing in the search for the personnel who work on those sites means knowing how the operators who every day dig thinks, make armor, build walls and create beautiful decorations. On their way of thinking we have learned to build capable, fast teams that complete construction sites in the right time and without wasting useless time.


If we were to select the best engineers only on the basis of their knowledge, it would be enough to look at their graduation grade, and our work would be completely useless. Whether he is a construction site technician or who has to stay in the office, we cannot fail to take into consideration his previous experiences and above all his personal attitude and “passion”. For example: a construction engineer who has done a lot of renovations will not be fit to lead the construction of a 25 floors building. Knowing these details is our specialty.

Plant engineering

Perhaps it is the human resources nightmare in the construction field. Finding good installers is difficult. Getting them to stay in the company is very difficult. GeoJOB recruitment in addition to having refined the ability to recognize the best and most loyal, has a geolocation system that allows you to always have the best installers under control throughout the national territory. He will be able to stay close to home, carry on the work and not leave the construction site.


A world unknown to most but which sees us as partners of some of the largest companies in Europe. The punchers, jumbists, miners and so on we call them by name. We have their mobile number and we are always a point of reference for those who have to start geotechnical sites.


Our workers work in the most important construction sites in Italy. From the Genoa bridge to the most strategic railway and motorway lines for the country. The characteristic in the search and selection of operators and professionals in the infrastructure sector is being quick and having real and updated feedback on each talent. GeoJOB was also created to keep and keep up-to-date this information about our workers.